Import from Day One Classic

Grid Diary 3.3.1 version, the Grid Diary supports importing data from Day One app, this FAQ introduces three methods to export data from Day One, then one way to import to Grid Diary.

Export Day one backup file

1, Export from Dropbox

If you sync your Day One's data with Dropbox, you can export it as below:

2, Export from iCloud

You can use third party tools to export your iCloud's data.

We use iExplorer as an example. You can download iExplorer, find iCloud - > Day One - > Documents, drag Journal_dayone out. (iExplorer download address:

3, Export from Day One's Mac App

Open Day One's preference. Enter Backup - > Show Backups Folder in the Finder - > select a Backup file - > extract the files

Import to Grid Diary

After getting the data from Day One can begin to import it to Grid Diary, first connect the device to iTunes find Grid Diary, copy file into Grid Diary.

Add after open Grid Diary, enter the data - > Settings - > advanced - > importing from Day One. It's done!

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