Unable to purchase Pro?

If you are unable to purchase, or the hint is “unavailable for purchasing”, Please check as follows, and make sure that:
  1. The latest Grid Diary was downloaded from App Store.
  2. It was not jailbreak plug-in that results in unable to purchase.
  3. The network is fine.
  4. The In-App Purchases is turn on, which you can check at: Settings -> General -> Restrictions.
  5. Sign out your Apple ID, then open Grid Diary, click on the "Restore purchase";
  6. If you have successfully purchased, but the upgrade failed. there was something went wrong with our servers. Well, after our engineers’ awesome work, the bugs have already fixed. Now, you can reopen GridDiary and click the Buy button to active your Pro version.(This operation won’t produce extra payment.)
If you still unable to purchase, Please feel free to contact with us.

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