iCloud Sync Guide (Grid Diary 3.2.0+)

In Grid Diary 3.2.0, iCloud support was rewritten from the ground up to use CloudKit, a new technology from Apple that’s built into iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).

For most Grid Diary Pro users, iCloud sync will work just as it did before—and it will also be faster and more reliable. But there are some important things you should know about iCloud sync in Grid Diary 3.2.0—especially if you aren’t planning on upgrading all of your devices to the latest operating systems. Read on to learn the full story.

What’s CloudKit, and why is it good news for Grid Diary?

Grid Diary has supported iCloud sync since the debut of the first version in 2012. From the beginning it was a critical feature for many of our users, but it wasn’t without its shortcomings. In its original incarnation, iCloud ran passively in the background, syncing your data on its own schedule. If, for whatever reason, a change to your database was not picked up by iCloud, there was little we could do to make sure the new data ended up where it was supposed to be.

That’s all changed with iOS 8 and Grid Diary 3.2.0. Thanks to CloudKit, we no longer have to wait for iCloud to send Grid Diary data to all of your devices. We now have the ability to connect directly to iCloud and ask for the data ourselves. The end result is that the new iCloud sync in Grid Diary 3.2.0 is faster, smarter and more reliable than ever before.

What are the requirements to use the new iCloud?

  • iPhone 4s or newer, iPad 2 or newer
  • iOS 8
  • Grid Diary 3.2.0

If I’ve previously been syncing to iCloud, will my database be migrated to the new sync system after I update my devices?

No. You will be automatically disconnected from the older iCloud sync, all data will be safely migrated to local. You must manually enable new iCloud sync in the Settings view of Gird Diary.

If you’re purchasing a new device that already has iOS 8 installed (e.g. an iPhone 6), it’s important to update your old devices first and sync them with iCloud before setting up your new device.

Can Grid Diary 3.2.0 sync over iCloud with older versions of Grid Diary?

iCloud sync was completely redesigned for Grid Diary 3.2.0, and the new implementation is not compatible with older versions of Grid Diary. If you upgrade one of your devices to Grid Diary 3.2.0, it will only be able to sync over iCloud with other devices running Grid Diary 3.2.0.

I’ve upgraded all my devices and read this FAQ but Grid Diary is still not working with iCloud. Help!

Don’t worry—we’re here to help. Start by following these troubleshooting steps:
  1. Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Grid Diary. (It will only show up in the App Store after you upgrade to iOS 8.)
  2. Make sure iCloud Drive is enabled.
  3. Follow the steps in our iCloud sync troubleshooting checklist.
If you’ve tried everything and you’re still stuck, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Please be sure to let us know that you’ve read this page.

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