iCloud Troubleshooting Checklist (iOS 8+)

If your devices aren’t syncing, the first thing you should do is run through this checklist. See if you can answer “yes” to each question.
  1. Are all of your devices running the latest operating systems? To use iCloud sync, your iPhones and iPads need to be on iOS 8.
  2. Have you updated to Grid Diary 3.2.0 on all of your devices? Open Grid Diary, go to the Settings > About to check the version number. If you don’t see version 3.2.0 or newer, try updating Grid Diary from the App Store.
  3. Is iCloud Drive enabled on each device?
  4. Are you signed into the same Apple ID on each device? Go to Settings > iCloud and check the email address.
  5. Have you tried toggling iCloud Drive off and then back on again? Go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive. Tap the switch next to iCloud Drive to turn it off, wait a moment, then tap the switch again to turn it back on.
  6. Have you tried logging out and back in to your iCloud account? Go to Settings > iCloud > Sign Out and follow the prompts to sign out of your iCloud account. Then log back in again.
Once you’ve verified all of the above requirements and corrected any problems, turn on iCloud sync in Grid Diary on each device.

If sync still does not work, you may need to delete the data from sync service and start from scratch.

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