How to migrate legacy data? (Grid Diary 2.0.3 - 3.1.2)

Since Grid Diary 2.0.3, We provide a way to import legacy data (the diaries you sync with iCloud in Grid Diary 1.x). And we recommend you to import legacy data only if your current data have issues. The import process might take a long time.

What if the migration takes a very long time?

The migration of legacy data may depend on your network connection speed and iCloud server status.

We suggest do the following

  1. Check Apple's system status at
  2. Try to connect to a fast, stable network, then try again.
  3. If it still takes long time processing. We are so sorry that the legacy data might be broken.
Updated: Since Grid Diary 3.2.0, Importing legacy data is no longer supported.

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